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Steering & Suspension Repair Services

A smooth and controlled ride for your vehicle is dependent upon its steering and suspension systems. Casey’s Tire Pros and Automotive offers steering and suspension repair services at Greensboro, NC. Your car’s steering and suspension should be checked out at least once a year. Have our mechanics evaluate your vehicle anytime you suspect steering or suspension problems. Failing to have these components repaired can result in extreme safety risks in the future. Learn more about our steering and suspension repair services and contact us to schedule an appointment.

wheel alignment

Comprehensive Suspension Repair Services

Our trained and experienced mechanics and technicians will examine all the components of your steering and suspension system, including checking:

  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Uneven Tires or Wear
  • Tightness of Nuts & Bolts
  • Loose Power Steering Belts
  • Out of Balance Tires
  • Alignment Issues
  • Impacts or Struts

About Steering & Suspension Systems

Your vehicle’s steering system and shocks bear the weight of your car while keeping the tires on the road and providing a smoother, more controlled ride. There are many indicators that your steering and suspension should be inspected, including your vehicle pulling to the side, having trouble steering, your car continuing to bounce after hitting a bump, issues when driving over dips or uneven roadways, tires wandering or wiggling, and steering that seems to be sliding. The team at Casey’s Tire Pros and Automotive services all makes and models. We can repair conventional or rack and pinion steering systems. If your power steering warning light comes on, but your car seems to be steering normally, be sure to have the fluid level checked out right away. If the light remains on after you top off the fluid, it’s time to bring it to our experts. We also replace shocks and struts in addition to all our other vehicle repair services.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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