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Comprehensive Hybrid Vehicle Repair Services

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you can’t just take it to any old repair shop in Greensboro, NC. Casey’s Tire Pros and Automotive specializes in hybrid vehicle repair services. Your electric or hybrid vehicle is unique and requires special treatment by trained professionals. There are many reasons to choose a hybrid vehicle, but they still require maintenance or repair from time to time. As a dealer alternative for expert hybrid repairs, we know the ins and outs of hybrid cars, trucks, and SUVs. While hybrid vehicles do require many of the same maintenance repair services as traditional cars, you need a team of mechanics who are trained and experienced in working on hybrids.

hybrid vehicle engine

Hybrid Battery Servicing, Replacement, & More

Your hybrid or electric vehicle is powered by batteries and contains a sophisticated electronics systems. The team at Casey’s Tire Pros and Automotive can repair all types of hybrids, including the Toyota Prius, Toyota Highlander, Ford Fusion, Honda Accent, all Tesla models, and more. Hybrid vehicles are very reliable, but they sometimes have issues, including battery problems or build-in features that disable the system. We offer hybrid battery servicing and replacement services, as well as hybrid battery testing and diagnostics.

Your Neighborhood Hybrid Specialists

You could go to the dealer for repair and maintenance services on your hybrid, but you’ll more than likely be paying too much. You can count on our highly trained technicians, and we have the same technology as those impersonal dealerships. In addition to the unique repairs and maintenance services for hybrids, we also offer air conditioning and heating services, brake repair, engine repair, diagnostic services, oil changes, radiator repair, transmission and clutch repair, and a whole lot more. Get the peace of mind you deserve. Your hybrid vehicle will be in capable hands with Casey’s Tire Pros and Automotive.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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